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Super EZ Work Tool

Why Strain? Leverage Booster for Pole Saw, Pruner, Utility Pole Quick Clip Small 1-1/2" dia. HD

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This model has been manufactured for D.I.Y. Homeowners, Arborists, Utility Lineman and Utility Arborists and Groundskeepers.

Heavy Duty small has a small profile cradle. Can be used on many tools when a Larger cradle is not needed. Allows for easy hand off to another worker while working alongside. Great for "spinning pole" while fuse changing!

Switch from tool to tool in seconds.

You will love this model and will probably tell a friend.  

Quick attach design. NO HASSLE!

Stainless Steel hardware.

Fits handles 1-1/2"


Plastic, Stainless Steel


Free Shipping in U.S.A.


Note: See size of product in photo. Clamshell packaged