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Super EZ Work Tool

Why Strain? Leverage Booster for Pole Pruner/ Pole Saw Quick Clip Large 1-1/4" dia. HD

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Why Strain? This Heavy Duty model has been manufactured for D.I.Y. Homeowners, Groundskeepers, Arborists and Lineman. Fits handles 1-1/4" Dia.

¿Por qué Strain? Este modelo de alta resistencia ha sido fabricado para propietarios de viviendas, jardineros, arboricultores y electricistas. Se adapta a mangos de 1-1/4" Dia.

Work Smarter Not Harder! Trabajar más inteligentemente, no más duro   

Large model offers Enormous Leverage and Stability. Our unique eye-bolt and wing nut patented design, allows for quick cradle removal to store in your Pole Locker.

Stainless Steel hardware.
Heavy Duty Made in U.S.A. #whystrain


Plastic, Stainless Steel


Free Shipping in U.S.A.


Note: See size of product in photo. Clamshell packaged